Josh Donaldson Talks Hitting On MLB Network


Mark DeRosa and Josh Donaldson hopped in the cage at MLB Network’s Studio 42. It’s no wonder how Donaldson’s been able to launch 122 HR’s in the last 3 3/4 seasons.

Any day Josh Donaldson gets to voice his hitting opinions on national television should be considered an international holiday. We picked out 10 knowledge bombs Donaldson dropped that can take your swing to the next level.

10 Josh Donaldson Hitting Quotes


“Before you even get into the load, have a natural little flow”

In Donaldson’s last MLB Network breakdown, he spoke about preload flow. Whether he’s hitting off the tee or in a game, Donaldson wants to feel like he has some kind of tempo. In practice, Donaldson likes to hit with music on.


“I have my weight in my back heel, which allows me to stay balanced into my back hip.”
“Once I get into my back hip, my weights going to transfer from my back knee”

Josh Donaldson Leg KickJosh stresses the importance of loading with your scaps instead of your hands. Allowing you to have more control of the Barrel and to get on plane early.

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“I want my bat to be near a 45 degree angle and to split my head when I finish my load”
“If my front foot never opens, my hips cant separate from my upper half”
Josh Donaldson Foot Plant

Bat Path

“If you’re 10 years old and your coach tells you to get on top of the ball, tell him no”
Josh Donaldson Walk Off
Gif Via Blue Jays Plus
“In the big leagues, they don’t pay you for ground balls, they pay you for doubles and home runs.”
“It’s all about firing your back shoulder and back hip to the ball”
“hitting pitch heights is all about shoulder plane”
“I never want to think about my hands going to the baseball”
Josh Donaldson Home Run
GIF Via Noontime Baseball


If you teach conventional swing down mechanics and your head hasn’t exploded by now, there’s a few things you should take away from this. Teaching youth hitters to hit the ball on the ground is a band aid approach that will bring short term results. In the long run you’re setting them up for failure by teaching them to peak before they even hit high school.

Just like Josh said, he doesn’t get paid to hit ground balls. Jose Altuve, Josh Donaldson, and Bryce Harper: The best hitters in the game are thinking damage 100% of the time.