Simple Bat Path Drill To Improve Consistency

Simple Bat Path Drill

A pitch is released from about six feet off the ground. It will cross the plate at a downward angle of approximately 3-4 degrees. The best hitters in baseball are able to match the path of the pitch with the path of their barrel at contact. This is called bat path. Coach Jason Esposito is going to share his go to bat path drill he uses with his hitters.

According to Diamond Kinetics: bat path or approach angle is, “the angle/direction of your swing plane just prior to, and at the moment of impact.” In order to hit a hard line drive, the optimal approach angle is between 5-15 degrees. We’re going to show a simple bat path drill to aid in achieving what Matt Carpenter accomplishes below.

Matt Carpenter Bat Path
A visual representation of bat path/approach angle. At go, the barrel is launched rearward & downward.Next, the barrel travels upwards slight before, during, and after impact

Increase the time the barrel spends in the hitting zone and you”ll improve your ability to make consistent contact. This bat path drill will help you achieve just that while providing instant feedback. Watch as Coach Esposito coaches a player through proper execution of this drill.

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