The Best Baseball Hitting Aids


The majority of baseball hitting aids do little to actually improve the swing. Often times, they make the swing “look” better, all the while promoting improper movement patterns that won’t improve power, contact, or adjustability. We compiled an unbiased list of the best baseball hitting aids to help you track, measure, and improve your hitting.

Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker

DIamond Kinetics SwingTracker

Diamond Kinetics is one of the few companies leading the charge in baseball technology. Along with Blast Motion, Diamond Kinetics are the only bat sensors approved by MLB for use on field during workouts. In our mind, a Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker is a must have for every Baseball Hitting Aids Toolbag.

It’s been said that,”You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” The SwingTracker gives you objective data that is tracked over time so you can see your progression.

It’s far more accurate than the Zepp Swing Analyzer and collects more than double the data points. So what exactly does the Diamond Kinetics Swing Analyzer measure? A total of 11 data points currently. Max Hand Speed, Max Barrel Speed, Speed Efficiency, Forward Barrel Speed, Applied Power, Max Acceleration, Impact Momentum, Trigger To Impact Time, Distance in the Zone, Hand Cast Distance, and lastly the Approach Angle at Impact.

You can read our full Diamond Kinetics Swing Tracker Review, by clicking here. However, one point that must be mentioned is the idea of tracking bat speed. Zepp, DK, as well as Blast Motion measure bat speed, but bat speed is pointless if it’s in the wrong direction and wrong place.

The Backspin Tee

Backspin Tee

We are huge fans of the Tanner Tee, they’re durable and portable. However, on the contrary, do you buy a tee for how long it lasts, or what it can do while it does? The Backspin Tee sacrifices no durability and literally flips upside down what you think a batting tee should do.

The concept is simple, the goal of every pitcher is to induce ground balls, so why are we teaching our hitters to hit them? The Backspin Tee’s technology allows hitters to focus on proper bat path to hit more hard line drives at the correct launch angles.



Earlier we mentioned if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. You spend countless hours in the cage refining your mechanics. HitTrax is the first and only baseball simulator. Like the Diamond Kinetics Swing Tracker, HitTrax offers immediate feedback to hitters and brings the exitement of outdoor games and competition, into the batting cage.

HitTrax Data Points
Image via HitTrax

HitTrax does not replace Batting Practice on the field, but 12 months of on field BP is not the reality in most parts of the country.

Pocket Radar

Pocket RadarOf the 11 data points the Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker measures, exit velocity is not measured. As a hitter, your two goals are to consistently hit the ball hard at the right angle. Use the Pocket Radar to measure your exit velocity as well as throwing velocity. Accuracy is one of the biggest issues with smaller radar guns. The Pocket Radar has an accuracy of +/- 1mph.

SKLZ Ammo Bats

SKLZ Ammo BatsOverload and underload training has been proven to increase throwing, pitching, as well as exit velocity when implemented correctly. SKLZ has the most comprehensive weighted bats training system on the market. They don’t just ship you bats and wish you best of luck, but provide you with a 6 week training program.

SKLZ Impact Baseballs (Wiffle Ball)

SKLZ Impact BallsI know you can relate to these two situations

1. You get to a field and they don’t have any batting cages
2. You break out the old wiffle balls and by the end of the tournament, half of them are broken on impact.

No explanation is needed for why Major Leaguers take batting practice for hours before games. If you can’t take BP or get in a batting cage, wiffle balls are your next best bet.

We’ve personally used SKLZ Impact Baseballs for the last three years, not a single one has broken. Magic right? The SKLZ Impact Baseballs are supple so they absorb impact. However, their softness does not hamper ball flight.

Do You Need To Buy Baseball Hitting Aids?

Short answer, yes. More technology has been created in the last 10 years than in an entire century. There are more opportunities to take your game to the next level than ever. That being said, there has been and will be no better baseball hitting aid than the brain and your mindset you carry with it.

If you have the mindset of hitting the ball hard every swing, your body will eventually align itself to do this, however these hitting aids will help to fast track that process.